What our clients say

Executive Coaching

I have found Glenn to be a great listener, a positive coach who understands my issues and has been able to provide me with realistic tactics to help me deal with my issues, which has led to significant self-improvement. I have also found Glenn to be sensitive and considerate.  He has always made me feel important and created an environment where I am comfortable talking about my concerns.

Glenn provided me with a ‘tool kit’ to re-define the way that I approach my relationships with clients and colleagues, and generally the way that I communicate my advice work.   This has been very useful and will be something that I can move forward with after this engagement has finished.

One of the key benefits of coaching is having a safe and confidential environment to talk. You, Glenn, with so many more years of expertise, made it safe to express my concerns or fears.  I think this was particularly helpful.  Especially, when you are not seen as confident, sometimes the last thing you want to do is express your concerns or fears and, in turn, reflect your lack of confidence! 

Overall, it has just been nice to have another mentor and ‘sounding board’ to work with.  I feel happier and more confident in my abilities, and believe that has positively translated to getting a better response from my clients and in turn goods outcomes for the company.

Glenn has always provided me with consistently high quality support on both business and personal development challenges I have faced.   He is a great listener, who asks thought provoking questions that have helped me to find solutions and define my path.   Glenn always strikes the right balance between being supportive, yet challenging and I would highly recommend him as a coach.

Leadership Development

Our leadership workshop was very practical – it related more to my role than any other similar workshops

Glenn is very easy to listen to and people (lawyers) are comfortable in his presence

This workshop dealt directly with the way we as (legal) leaders interact with our team members

Glenn is a lawyer so he understands us.

Group Coaching

We focused on areas personal to the group members in a meaningful, structured and rational way

It was a great chance for the team to support each other.   The session was honest, open, compassionate and caring

Today’s session really helped open up this team of people in a positive way

Glenn has a great ability to make people feel comfortable.  Lovely calming tone.

Glenn you have helped our team feel better and more at ease with what is going on with ‘our world’

Today’s session was excellent as we really honed in on the issues in relation to the team

I almost always hate these things.  But I genuinely loved it

Today’s session in my view exemplifies what this group coaching is all about,

Glenn demonstrates a great ability to get all to share and expose themselves to others who we work closely with

Glenn makes the environment so appropriate and comfortable for sharing and thinking through these issues.  Such great insights and suggestions helpfully offered


Mental Health Training

Glenn was a great instructor.  I think that I, along with many of the other participants, were hoping that the session would give us a level of comfort putting our new knowledge into action, if required. I definitely feel more comfortable about making approaching one of my colleagues now, if I needed to.

I really enjoyed Glenn’s training style. He was really engaging and interesting. The material was relevant to our (legal) industry.

Glenn was a confidant and sensitive convenor. He allowed everyone to come in at their own levels, state the purpose of the course, confine the flow of information with minimal distraction and at the same time, encourage participation from all course attendees. His calm nature assisted in the dissemination of information and it also encouraged all of us to participate in the practical application of this information through partnering and other working principles.

Glenn was great.  He knew the content very well and kept us all engaged.

Glenn is a knowledgeable and caring instructor. His casual teaching style has brought a lot of fun to the course and created a safe learning environment for the students. It was also very rewarding for him to share with us his experiences of not only being a mental health first aid instructor but also a solicitor. Moreover, when I was triggered by certain course materials relating to suicide and depression and was feeling vulnerable, Glenn was empathetic and patiently listened to my story. His consolation has lessened the burden I had been carrying and allowed me to deal with the grief properly. Overall, Glenn has delivered the course professionally. – UTS Law School

Wellbeing and Resilience Training

The content was new to me, interesting and opened my mind to being more aware of myself and others

Very informative and explained in a way that was easy to understand

Good mix of discussion, lecture style and use of videos

Glenn connected the content to the unique situations of lawyers

Good science based material.  Not too much ‘airy-fairy’

The content was relevant to the profession and was engaging

The content was valuable and relevant to lawyering.  Very well presented.  Very knowledgeable and entertaining

Glenn is very knowledgeable about this.  A real subject matter expert

Thought provoking – some profound ‘light-bulb’ moments

Glenn with his legal background can tailor his delivery using examples based in a lawyer’s mindset and experiences

Polished, professional and dosed with good humour

Glenn knew his topic very well and was able to explain it clearly, concisely and effectively.  Analogies used were appropriate to our everyday lives as lawyers

I hate workshops – they take me away from playing with my files – but I loved this one and I am looking forward to seeing that improvements I can make in the coming weeks

An interesting topic made all the more compelling by a powerful and humorous delivery