Our Values

We are a values-driven practice and use the values below to guide us in deciding what we do, how we work and with whom we work.

Our Work:

  • Whenever it can be, our work will be evidence-based.  Where there is little evidence-base for what we do, our work will be grounded in practice.
  • We will be generous in the way provide our work.
  • We will be transparent in the way we deliver our work.
  • We will only work where there is a need for our skills, where there is a worthwhile purpose to the work and where we believe we can help.
  • We bring to our work a deep commitment to the professional services sector as a whole; it’s integrity, it’s ongoing development and it’s important role in society.

Our Fees

  • Our work will be fairly priced and our over-heads will be low.
  • The bulk of our fees will go directly to the coaches providing the work.

Our Clients

  • We believe in the capacity of our clients to find their own solutions.
  • We will practice in a manner that supports and promotes our client’s autonomy and agency in life.


  • We are committed to continuous learning and personal development in both our clients and ourselves.
  • We are reflective practitioners: we reflect on our work, learn from each other and are open to new ideas and approaches.
  • We treat each other with fairness and respect.  We are direct in our dealings with each other and support the work of our colleagues.
  • We are ethical practitioners: we are committed to complying with the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.